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Celebrating women in independent music:)

Out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada comes the progressive rock band Dream Aria!  Read the interview with the band dominating the MySpace Music Charts.
MG- Ok, first off you guys are a very eclectic band with a very unique sound in your music.  How would you describe it to someone who’s about to listen to it for the first time?
DA-First I would like to thank Musical Goddesses Webzine for having us on your page.  We were talking to a dj awhile back and he mention that most bands now intergrade more than one genre into there music ,the difference with us we use many genres in our music to name some, rock/hard rock/opera/classical/world/heavy metal/pop/ambient/electronic/goth/alternative/indi
e/prog/classic rock/ even within a song you may hear 3 or 4 different genres; did I help answer your question LOL , guess you just have to listen to all our work.

MG- What is the history behind Dream Aria?  How did the band come together?

DA-I am going to try to answer this question in short form.I met Garry {our drummer ,producer} from a friend of mine 7 years ago when I asked him who I might want to record with,when it was time to add vocals I had met up with 2 opera singers but when the music started to go in a heavier direction they left and thats when I found Ann who not only sang rock but could also handle the opera and all the other musical styes we were working on.   Jon our bass player came on board about 3 years ago.
 MG- Dream Aria has been dominating the myspace music charts for quite sometime.  How did you guys find about the first time you topped the charts and how did it feel to be at the top of the charts on an internet site that has thousands possibly even millions of bands and musical acts?
DA-I was {for fun } checking the charts never thinking we would be #1 in the world {for unsign bands}then one day {about a year ago } I check the charts and there we were , I almost sakjdfiohegrvn myself, and from then on {we have been #1 most of the time in Canada and in the top 10 in the Global world unsign charts}


MG- There has been much debate on how the internet has impacted the music industry.  What is you view on it and do you feel it’s hurt or helped your own band?

DA-The internet has help us allot {over 600 radio station have played us, many interviews and reviews in top magazines , over 123,000 fans and friends on our myspace site also has help push up the sales } our video also has hit #1 on the myspace Canadian charts.
MG- Ok, with your new album soon to be released how would you describe it to fans and new listeners?  How is it similar to or different from your previous releases “In the Wake” and “Transcend”?

DA-In the wake was our first cd and we were really just trying to find ourselves , with Transcend I think we established the sound of the band and with Fallen Angel {our soon to be released cd } we took Transcend and gave it a harder edge .
MG- Is there a song that’s been a fan or band favorite?

DA-In the past it was Pandora’s Box, Transcend, 11th hour but we have had a crazy feedback from Fallen Angel We have had a under 3 minute sample version of Fallen Angel on our playlist but the full song is over 6 minutes 
MG- And finally (and most important) where can people sample and purchase your music?

DA-You can sample and buy our music on our page , cd’s or you can buy the digital downloads.

Watch the Longshot Productions concept vide featuring Dream Aria’s song “Pandora’s Box” off of their second album ‘Trascend.’

Interview with multiple award winning songwriter/composer/violinist/model/and now singer Catya Mare!

MG- First tell us a little of your background, how you got started, and what you feel really helped make your music career the success that it’s been.
CM- Thank you. I come from a classical musicians´ family where everybody was playing some instrument, so it felt very natural to me to start playing the violin at the early age of four years old. I did my first performance as a soloist with a symphony orchestra at age 10, and was lucky to have outstanding violin teachers, such as Zakhar Bron, Ana Chumachenco and Mark Lubotzky, who helped me to develop my technical skills as an instrumentalist.
I played concerts as a classical violinist e.g. in the USA, Israel, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy and Spain and received my master´s degree at the Music Conservatory in Munich (Germany), held the position of an alternating concertmaster with one of Europe´s finest symphony orchestras (Aarhus Symfoniorkester, DK)…. and then found out that there were other, more exciting options, this wasn´t enough for me….
One day, in 2004, when recovering from a bad influenza and starting to play the violin again, I became aware of the fact, that I was playing something I never had heard or seen before. Music arising from the moment! A quite unusual thing for a classical musician. My new musical style, polyphonic solo violin improvisations, called “Essential Impro”, both received rave reviews in the European press and opened the doors to solo performances at some of the most prestigious cultural institutions. Such as Museums of Modern Art, (e.g. National Galerie Berlin (Germany) and Kunsthaus Zürich (Switzerland)), international concert halls and cathedrals. Simultaneously I collaborated with painters and modern dancers, what was really fun!
In February 2006 I started to compose songs, where my violin is the primary voice woven into a Celtic new age / electronica / smooth jazz / orchestral backing. A collaboration with Jakob Gadegaard Frandsen (engineer) and Henrik Koitzsch (guitar player). Since then my songs have been broadcast at hundreds of international radio stations, are receiving the most amazing reviews, are placed in TV shows and Hollywood films (such as “Butterflies in the wind” and “Homecoming”, TV shows (e.g. “Cruisin´with E-Rider”) and are winning awesome awards….I am fond of practicing visualization, but didn´t expect such a great response!
After my debut album, “Light Longing”, was completed I started to learn to do the engineering of my musical productions myself, and in November 2007 released my second album, titled “Remembering the Day”.
In February 2008 I relocated from Denmark to Los Angeles and since then have been winning wonderful music awards. Am extremely grateful for this awesome recognition! November 2008: nomination for the prestigious Hollywood Music Award. February 2009: winner of the Billboard World Songwriting Contest in the category “electronica/soundtrack”. November 2009: winner of the Hollywood Music in Media Award in the category “Ambient / New Age”.
May 2010, The Recording Academy appointed me Voting Member for the Grammys 2011.
In July I started to include my voice into my musical work, what resulted in a flirtingly humorous, sexy & slightly wacky new style (electronica / pop / world). A change from Celtic new age / classical crossover to nutty electronica….
My new album “Tell Me Why” is in stores worldwide since September 8th, 2010.
MG- You currently have four albums out, the two most recent, “Destination Love” and “Tell Me Why” having both been released in 2010.  Can you tell us about those two releases?
CM- Sure. “Destination Love”, which was released in February 2010, is a romantic, dreamy, uplifting and at times dramatic album, featuring the violin as primary voice woven into an orchestral, smooth jazz, world, Celtic new age, pop backing. I was told by fans that it has a rejuvenating effect on them, and also, that it makes them  experience a serene happiness, what of course, is just fantastic!
Especially Celtic music lovers, who like artists, such as Enya, Celtic Woman or Loreena McKennitt are quite enthusiastic about it.
And then, on September 8th, I put out “Tell Me Why…”, that goes in a really different direction…more about that later…
MG- “Tell Me Why” does go in a much different direction musically than your 3 previous releases.  What influenced that and do think you prefer making the electronic/pop music on “Tell Me Why” to the New Age/Classical sounds that make up your other 3 releases?
CM- I use to follow my inspiration…so what happened in July this year was this: I did another funny, slightly wacky video (inspired by some awesome Monty Python sketches) and thought it could be great to include some sort of vocals into the background music for it….
I had never sung before but decided to give it a try.
What I actually discovered when recording my own voice, was that it is quite sensuous and just perfect for funny and self-deprecating songs…a sexy, flirtingly humorous and a bit wacky new musical style was born that way (nutty electronica / world / pop)…and the new album in the works.
I can´t tell yet where this leads me, and when or how the violin will be a part of future productions. We´ll see / hear…
At this point in time I love the new funky, humorous and sexy style a lot and feel there is more to come.
I almost forgot: “Tell Me Why…” is available from every major music outlet, e.g. iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, CD Connection, CD Universe, and most likely in your local store, too.
MG- You’ve won many awards in your music career.  Which one would you say you are the most proud to have won?
CM- Thank you! The Hollywood Music in Media Award. It was just overwhelming to get on the stage and receive that wonderful award. I´m extremely grateful to the HMMAs.
MG- When you go to make an album, what kind of production process do you go through?  Do you rent out a studio or do you have a home studio?
CM- I have a small but well equipped home studio, that allows me to do the entire production process, but the mastering.
Am planning on learning to master my songs myself though…
It would be terrible if I had to rent a studio. Inspiration comes and goes, so sometimes I work till 2am or later, just because I feel like it.  And other days there seems not to be any creative energy.
Usually the process gets started by some inspiring beats and a bass line, that would match that beat..and then I´d start adding harmonies and vocals (or, on previous productions, the violin). On “Destination Love” the process was reversed though: first the violin melody, then all the other parts of the mix. Don´t ask me why!
MG- Do you tour at all?
CM- I´m more the creative type, I guess, so song writing and music production are my favorites, but will do shows and performances again shortly.
MG- Now amidst all the many positives in your career, you recently had a negative experience with a record label.  Despite all the avenues offered to independent musicians these days (not to mention all the horror stories leaking out about many record labels), it still surprises me how many independent bands and musicians feel that getting on a record label is the key to true success.  What advice would you have for them?
CM-Both ways might have their good and bad aspects. I think if a collaboration between an artist and a record label works out well it could be wonderful for both parties. But more often than not it doesn´t. Many promises are made, energy and time is wasted. I think it not exclusively applies to the artist-record label relationship though, but can also be the case regarding the collaboration with promotional services, publishing houses etc..
In my opinion it is hard today. There are tons of great artists everywhere, who aren´t getting noticed because it´s so crowded. Everybody uploads his or her songs just about everywhere.
And hustling isn´t everybody´s cup of tea. So, for more introvert independent artists it´s not easy to make a living of what they love the most.
I greatly benefit from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques, that helped me to get over any emotional or psychological barriers regarding the marketing of my music. I feel, that the ability and determination to market your music / yourself effectively is the most crucial in today´s music business.
Thanks Catya!
Check out Catya Mare’s newest music video, “Tell Me Why”, the title track of her new album!